RESOURCES : Theme of WEHC 2022 in Paris

We invite you to join us in Paris to discuss the many ‘Resources’ which have been and are at stake in past and present economies, societies, cultures and environment. Within the conference theme of resources, we consider natural and modified, renewable and non-renewable, material, immaterial and energetic resources, as well as their discoveries, exhaustion, recycling, constraints and limits. We also include the part of labor, skills and training involved in their exploitation, the institutional dynamics and the involvement of scientific, technical, financial, and digital knowledge.

Over time, the discovery, supply and circulation of resources has been an incentive for the construction of spaces, occupation of territories, imperialism and emergence of new patterns of development and organizations. Resources for economic activity also involve the humane capital, skills, training, educative systems as well as the institutional environment, the social networks, the cooperation between firms, and cultural heritage which help to create trust and liability into business The challenges of our modern world require a common reflection on the political economy of resources considered in an extensive meaning.

While seeking proposals for sessions that explore aspects of this broad theme, we also welcome submissions on the economic and social histories of all places and periods, on the exploration of varied sources and methods, and on the theory and the uses of economic history itself. We also invite members to employ and analyze diverse strategies for representing the past.

Download the invitation Letter from EHESS

 « La géode » seen through « Sygma antigravitationnel », a fountain sculpture by Manolis Maridakis. Entrance to the City of Science and Industry, one of the sites of WEHC 2022 conference. Credits.